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Joe & Sons - Something Fishy Goin' On

Joe & Sons - Something Fishy Goin' On

Open every day
from 11 AM till the last customer leaves

No reservation needed

We're easy to find
Ask the guy who doesn't look hungry - he just left

Est. 1999 in beautiful San Francisco, California


Kids Menu

Fresh Fish on a platter with your choice of sides

Fresh Fish on a bun with your choice of sides

Special - Fresh Maine lobsteh any way you want it

Extra Special - You catch 'en – We cook 'em

Fancy Frozen Fish Fingers
gently nuked in the microwave

Just like Mom makes 'em”

Bulimia Special

A veritable midden of slightly-less-than-fresh shellfish

Warning: The Sturgeon General has determined that eating fish will make you smart, if high mercury levels don't poison you first.